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Training & Safety

Modern Building continues to focus on and improve our safety program. The safety of our employees and everyone on our job sites, as well as the environment, takes precedence over everything.


January: 1/18/17 Concrete Pump & Finishing Machine Safety

February: 2/15/17 SWPPP Measures Review

March: 3/15/17 Crane Safety/Inspection/Pre-Erection

April: 4/19/17 Heat and Illness Prevention

May: 5/17/17 What to Expect in a Cal-OSHA Visit

June: 6/21/17 Accident Reporting/Documentation

July: 7/19/17 Personal Responsibility/PPE

August: 8/16/17 Fall Protection

September: 9/20/17 Trenching & Excavations

October: 10/18/17 Jobsite Emergency Response Plan

November: 11/15/17 Safe Driving Practices [Modern Vehicles]

December: 12/20/17 Recap 2017/Goals for 2018

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Superintendent Marc Ruz discusses small tool use during the March safety meeting
Superintendent Marc Ruz discusses small tool use during the March safety meeting
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January Safety Meeting: Foreman Doug DeLeon covered pedestrian safety around the job site during the safety meeting held on January 20th.

February Safety Meeting: Safety consultant, Laura Berman came out to the shop to provide some crucial training on first-aid in the field. Josh Muscetta, Brian Day and others volunteered to stage some examples of injuries on the jobsite and Laura walked through the necessary steps to take when faced with such injuries. She provided a handout to refer back to, which included the following steps:

  • Check the scene and assess the situation
  • Call 911 if the injured is bleeding severely, unconscious, not breathing, etc.
  • Care for the injured by administering CPR or first aid
  • Contact the safety manager to properly document the incident

March Safety Meeting: Superintendent Marc Ruz led the safety meeting in March to cover the safe use of small tools. During the meeting, he used examples of what NOT to do and demonstrated the correct ways in which to handle certain tools. Remember, NEVER remove a safety guard and ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.

April Safety Meeting: Cal OSHA representative Joe Gould came out to the April safety meeting to discuss heat and  illness prevention methods. He provided everyone with  important heat prevention handouts, detailing the signs of heat stroke, what to do in the event of someone getting ill and always providing water and shade while on the job.

May Safety Meeting: Superintendent Bud Shope covered the safety meeting in May regarding overall site safety and cleanliness. The meeting involved a handout with questions and reminders regarding site safety and cleanliness such as what counts as a job site hazard, proper material storage, frequency of site cleanup, attendance of weekly tailgate safety meetings, etc.

June Safety Meeting: James Seegert discussed accident reporting and documentation during June’s safety meeting.

July Safety Meeting: Mike Seegert led a conversation about form work on our jobsites before handing the meeting over to our guest speakers. Two representatives from EFCO, a company specializing in forming and shoring equipment for concrete construction, came out to the Modern shop to discuss form setting on our job sites. After going over logistics via presentation, they got our crew up and moving by using teamwork to assemble a sample form.

August Safety Meeting: Concrete safety was the topic of August’s safety meeting. Superintendent Josh Muscetta discussed the important aspects of concrete safety on the job site. Some topics included proper clothing, gloves and eye wear, as well as appropriate tools for specific jobs, and how to operate them safely.

September Safety Meeting: Autumn is here and with it comes rainy days on the job. The company’s Storm Water Protection Plan is vital during these wet months. Project Manager and certified SWPPP inspector, Jeff Hayes, spoke about the importance of storm water protection and how each member of the Modern crew is expected to be aware and enforce SWPPP requirements on their jobsite.

October Safety Meeting: Gerry Judd, a representative from White Cap came out to the shop to discuss fall protection. He reviewed different fall protection apparatuses, the proper way to tie them off, and the importance of watching out for others below.  A rep from   Milwaukee Tools set up a display of many types of hand tools.   He demonstrated the proper use of the tools and their safety features.

November Safety Meeting: During the safety meeting in November, Gary Fowler led the discussion regarding deliveries to the shop and to job sites, as well as safety points regarding delivery trucks and unloading procedures.

December Safety Meeting: At the final safety meeting of the year, Gary Fowler spoke, wrapping up all things safety. We closed out 2016 with an accident free year, maintaining an excellent safety record.  A job well done by everyone!  It is because of your diligent work to maintain safety standards at our job-sites, that everyone goes home safe every night. It also keeps our insurance rates low, which allows us to be competitive and keep everyone working.  Safety is a key part of the success of our company. Keep up the good work!!

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Modern Building Company was founded in 1946. Over the past 71 years, Modern has grown steadily. The company’s first project was building Quonset huts during World War II. In 1949 the firm had built 250 of these structures for PG&E’s Feather River Project.

We are a diverse northern California-based general contractor located in Chico, California, with an average annual volume of $20-$30 million. We are licensed in the states of California, Oregon, Nevada and Montana, although the majority of our work is in northern California. Our work in the neighboring states is a direct result of satisfied clients who requested that we travel to meet their needs on subsequent projects.

Our firm is lead by our three owners; James Seegert, Gary Fowler and Michael Seegert. Each of these partners is “hands on” at the office every day, involved in a wide variety of building projects. Our office staff is comprised of an additional four project managers/estimators, two project engineers, and five accounting/contract administration personnel. In the field we have over 15 project superintendents and foremen, and over 35 of our own carpenters, concrete finishers and laborers. Modern executes all of our concrete work in-house.

Today Modern is engaged in a wide variety of construction; concrete tilt wall facilities, multi-story steel frame buildings, single and multi-story wood frame buildings on concrete slabs, pre-engineered steel buildings, commercial, health care and medical offices, retail structures and tenant improvements. The projects range in size from 1,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet, and from $1,000 contracts to multi-million dollar contracts.