Volunteer: Beale Air Force Base – Concrete Slab

Beale Air Force Base – Concrete Slab Volunteer Project On Saturday, August 27, Modern teamed up with Dino Corbin of Deer Creek Broadcasting, Payless Building Supply, CSU Chico Concrete Industry Management Program (CIM), and A&A Concrete for a volunteer project at Beale Air Force Base. Dino is a Member of the Beale Military Liaison Counsel, which integrates the Military and Civilian relations at Beale Air Force Base. The project is located at the running track and provides a spot for Air Force Personnel to conduct calisthenics (previously done out in the weeds). They now have a 40 x 100 pad to do push ups ’till their hearts content! Concrete Foreman Gustavo Sanchez and crew members Ivan Rodriguez‐Romo, David Rodriguez‐Romo and Tony McLane went down to help the CIM students and Beale AFB volunteers place and finish the slab. Superintendent Josh Muscetta and Heladio Hernandez‐Luengas brought in the Laser Screed to show off their skills with our new toy. The CIM students gained valuable knowledge about the concrete pouring process, and even earned a few blisters!

Thank you to our volunteers, actions like this is what makes our company great!