Client Testimonials

″Modern understands the importance of planning and communication, especially here at Feather River Hospital. Modern is a trusted and valued partner. Modern has executed numerous successful OSHPD projects within our hospital, as we know they will adhere to schedule, cooperate with staff and deliver the quality that we expect.″

″In 2003 Westhaven Orland Development chose Modern, based on their reputation for quality construction, to build Westhaven Assisted Living in Orland. Since then, in 2006 we chose Modern to double the size of the Westhaven building. And again in 2009, Modern was our design-build partner for the construction of the north state’s new state of the art dementia and Alzheimer’s care facility. The Neighborhoods at Westhaven in Orland. Our project manager for all three phases, Rich Orchid, kept a close eye on the budget, while our site superintendent, Jeff Aanestaad, has always kept an eye on quality. We are proud of the quality and design of all of our buildings in Orland. I am already looking forward to our next project partnership.″

Westhaven Wade S. Elliot
Project Development Director
Westhaven Orland Development, Orland, CA

″I just wanted to thank Modern as we wrap up the school year. My CHS-ROP student, Wendy Solis has loved working with Jeff Hayes on the CHS job site. He and his staff have been awesome. Wendy even came in on her own over spring break because she likes the internship so much. Opportunities like this really help propel these students to a new level of learning and understanding. Thanks to Modern Building for giving us a chance to learn. Also, thank you for letting my classes make regular field trip visits to the job site all year long. I know you do not have to do this but the efforts you have made to make this project accessible as a learning tool have been very much appreciated.″