California Highway Patrol Cell Towers

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Image loading James Seegert


Jerry Price

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California Highway Patrol Cell Towers


Northern CA & Southern OR


Department of General Services

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Northern California & Southern Oregon  The CHP Cell Tower sites are located on top of Hamaker, Gunsite Peak, and Slater Butte mountains.  The remote locations makes it difficult to get equipment and materials to the sites.  At the Hamaker Mt. site, there were 400 yards of concrete poured.  The concrete was batched on-site, pumped through two concrete pumps and poured for the foundation of the tower.  A 44,000 lb steel vault measuring 14′ X 14′ X 33′ long will soon be making its way to the Slater Butte site.  It will be moved up interstate 5 on a low bed truck that will enable it to travel under overpasses, then switched to a truck that will be able to make it up the long, narrow road to the top of the mountain.