Crain Walnut Building #29

Project Media:

Project Manager:

Image loading Brian Klinginsmith


Josh Muscetta

Project Details:

Project Name:

Crain Walnut Building #29


Los Molinos, CA

Modern Office:

Modern Building, Inc.


Crain Shelling, Inc.


K2 A&E

Project Description:

The 95,000 sq. ft. cold storage facility, located in
Los Molinos, was constructed under the onsite direction
of Josh Muscetta. The project began this past January,
right in the middle of the rainy season. The challenges
that come with such a large concrete project were only
compounded with rain and mud. The Modern crew was
able to push back the challenges with lots of pumping
and perseverance.
The massive concrete tilt walls are constructed with three
separate layers. The walls took up every square inch of
slab for just the first phase. The guys constructed the
wall panels in the constant rain. Many long days and
Saturdays were required to make the target date. As wall
panels filled like kiddy pools in the rain, the guys kept
on pushing. Winds picked up and foam panels flew like
paper kites through the Crain Walnut fields.
Pour days were arranged around the weather forecast.
2:00 AM, lights blazing, concrete trucks lined up,
pumper truck ready to go, show time! Our crews did an
amazing job.
Tilt day is always exciting! With the crane ready to go and a small army of dedicated Modern employees on the ground, the panels started to form the exterior walls. Three days later the exterior walls were standing tall and a sense of accomplishment filled the air.
Steel erection was next. The center posts and structural steel were set, and within a few weeks the building was ready for roofing and the spray foam that complete the cold storage shell. While the roof and spray foam were being applied to the building, the crews went to work on the second phase of panels and forming the elevator pit for the conveyor system that transports inshell walnuts. The 30’ x 40’ x 12’ hole in the ground created a challenge when rains were present. The Modern crew was all over it from the day one; keeping the pit safe and clear of standing water was a task. Oncethe pit walls were poured and the lid was set in place, the balance of the slab could be poured and the cold storage facility was tied in to the existing building.
The coordination of all the different skilled trades was the key tosuccess. With the common goal clear to all, the cold storage
building was finished right on time taking a total of eight months to complete.
Thank you to our crews and subs for all the hard work!