Modern Building Company has a strong historical bond to the California agricultural community. For over 65 years we have enjoyed long-term working relationships with growers and ranchers: building process plants; fruit, nut and oils storage; seed production facilities; and equipment maintenance and storage buildings.

Modern is capable of providing a wide variety of steel and concrete building options, perfectly suited for agricultural needs.

We are proud of our work in the agricultural industry for customers including Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Lomo Cold Storage, Mariani Nut, Crain Orchards, South Sutter Cold Storage, California Olive Ranch, California Family Foods, Deluxe Packages, Butte County Rice Growers Association, Sun Valley Rice, SunWest Foods, Harter Packing, and Farmer’s Rice Cooperative, to name a few.

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  Project NameSize
Tarke Farms – Almond Storage Building 39,000 sq. ft.
Crain Walnut – Building #31 40,000 sq. ft.
Violich – Huller Dryers 45,000 sq. ft.
Crain Walnut Building #29 ~ 95,000
District 10 Dryers
Crain Walnut Building 4 & 5 Appox 50,000 sq.ft.
Benovia Winery 13,000 sq ft
Baugher Ranch 35x100
Materra Winery 28,000 sq. ft.
Crain Orchards Dryer Building 18,000 sq. ft.
Mending Wall Winery 34,000 sq. ft.
Morning Star
Crain Walnut Warehouse
California Family Foods Flat Storage 44,000 sq. ft.
ADM Rice 70,538 sq ft
Driscoll’s 55,000
Vann Brothers Almond Facility 136,000 sq. ft.
Valley Farm Transport Inc. 8,715 Sq. ft.
Sutter Home Winery 875,000 sq ft.
California Olive Ranch Small
Mariani Nut Facility Small
Seminis World Headquarters Large
SSCS Walnut Processing Facility Small
Adams Vegetable Oils 9,000 sq ft